There are various names you could refer to me as; Mother, Homemaker, True Crime Addict, Writer, Free Spirit, Avid reader, Tea obsessed and baker.If your looking for a more formal name to refer to me as, you can call me Lisa.

The Homemade Happiness is a blog created to keep me to my goals of living a balanced, fulfilling, happy life. A blog that I can write about the things that bring me happiness, going for walks with my daughter and watching her explore, getting in the kitchen and creating my own recipe for something nourishing not only for my body but for my soul, reading a book that either inspires me to take hold of my everyday life, or a book that just simply takes my mind away from my own troubles, writing in my journal of things I’m grateful for, quotes I find inspiring, and adventures I find along the way.

Summer 2014
Summer 2014

I’ve spent many years of my life hindered by anxiety and depression; afraid to leave my home, take a chance and just simply be.Changing all of that will be hard, I’ve been living this way for almost 23 years but I have a good reason to change know, a beautiful daughter born September 15th 2013. My daughter is what keeps me going, my daughter is the one that lead me down the path reminding me of my passion for food, for cooking, baking and just simply being in the kitchen. She’s the one that inspires me to eat healthier, to indulge in moderation at least, and to feed myself as much as I need. She plays with her food which in turn inspires me to play around with my own!Lily is also the reason I strive for happiness on a daily basis.When I found out I was pregnant the negativity slowly dissipated but with any mental health diagnosis, you can never fully recover, one day the thoughts will return,and they did. I’m striving to find what makes me personally happy, and to find a routine for when life gets to hard. Lily reminds me to find pleasure in the small things and to explore the world with new eyes. 


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