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Strawberry Green Smoothie

I began this month with the goal of bringing nutrient dense smoothies into my daily life. Where I have not had a smoothie every day I am falling in love with the drink that you can pack so many health benefits into. I have found a few quick recipes for smoothies that I have tried and a few I have yet to try, but I would like to share my go-to smoothie seeing as most of the ingredients I always have on hand. 2015 spring 141 2015 spring 142 2015 spring 143

Strawberry Green Smoothie


  • 1 cup of vanilla flax milk
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 (or 2) cups of strawberries
  • 1 cup of strawberry yogurt
  • 1 tsp of instant coffee


  1. Chop or rip the spinach into smaller pieces, and slice up the strawberries into smaller pieces (to make it easier to blend)
  2. Mix the instant coffee into the flax milk
  3. Add all ingredients into the blender and blend.
  4. Enjoy the smoothie!

    My favorite cup that says
    My favorite cup that says “Raise a glass to planet Earth”
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Tea Healing For Me

I have a confession, I have 40 different types of teas. Why do I have so much tea? Because for me tea is healing. I never used medicine to heal my nausea while pregnant, I used tea. I prefer not to use the sleeping medication I have been prescribed, I would rather use tea. Even though I drink a cup of coffee a day I would prefer to get my caffeine from tea (I use to make tea in the morning for my caffeine hit but after getting Lily changed in the morning and getting her breakfast I would forget my tea and it would have over steeped which makes the taste bitter, and no matter how many times I tried to remember, I never did) And when I’m told I need to relax, the only way I know how to relax really is with a cup of tea. In my opinion the whole routine of preparing tea all the way to that first sip is the best personal therapy I have. Pouring the water in the kettle, standing and waiting to hear the water to bubble and boil (which I love the sound of boiling water) to putting the tea ball, or tea bag in the teacup and waiting for those minutes to go by as the tea steeps just slows down my stressful thoughts and puts me in a more peaceful mindset.36-teas

I tend to drink tea before bed, it’s the only time I can actually remember that my tea is steeping and I can time it perfectly because like I said, no toddler needs to be fed, changed, run after or kept out of something, Lily is already in bed, and only an hour or so before I crawl into bed myself. Recently I’ve been having issues sleeping due to much pain in my joints and muscles so even though I’m exhausted from my day I still can not drift off to la-la land.

When I realized DavidsTea has now opened in the mall close to our home I went for a walk with Lily and decided to treat myself to some new tea that could possibly help me sleep. I found the jackpot! I found Apple Custard herbal tea the site describes the tea as:

We hope you’re sitting down. Because we’re about to make a pretty bold claim. This might just be the most decadently creamy blend we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. It’s almost crazy how much it tastes like a warm and comforting custard or pudding. It blends sweet apples, golden raisins and honey-scented chamomile with a rich and creamy hint of vanilla. Go ahead, indulge. With this in your cupboard, who needs dessert?

044it has amazing ingredients of Apples, golden raisins, coriander, chamomile, and vanilla. So I took the tea home and after putting Lily to bed that night I put the kettle on and made myself a cup of tea, halfway through the cup I was already starting to get a little sleepy! This tea smells so intoxicating and there is no need of sugar since the flavor is perfection. The tea helped me have a better nights sleep and I recommend it to anyone that needs some sleep, and it’s perfect for anyone that is just starting to drink tea, since if it was carbonated it could be a vanilla soda, it tastes that amazing.

Have you ever used tea for healing purposes?