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Eat Local

We are lucky to live in a society that still believes in fresh farmers markets each weekend, we’re lucky to have farmers open their fields for families to go anywhere from apple, pumpkin picking to strawberry picking. Kathleen Wynne

But we won’t be for long.

If we don’t continue to purchase from our local farmers, our local cheese makers, the farmers that surprise us not only by growing wheat, but grinding it down into a flour and baking with it and having that all done in time to sell at the local farmer’s market, if we don’t continue to support our local food growers one day will not have enough money to support not only themselves but also their homestead which means no more local food.

When we purchase our foods from farmers markets and directly from the people that are making and producing the product then we have so much more information available. We are able to learn information like the positives of drinking milks and eating cheeses from other animals not just from cows, which I learned about last weekend at the farmers market. I’ve been loving Brie in this one sandwich I’ve been buying premade at a indoor market grocery store and decided to buy my own brie, when I asked for some from the man at the market he asked which one I wanted, cows milk or buffolo. Know I like to think I’ve tried more foods then most and I’m to trying most things once, but I have never heard of local buffolo milk, luckily when asked which he recommended he went into an amazingly informative conversation that I was happy to listen to and discuss. I would have never gotten anything similar to that from a grocery store. 


I’m committing myself to eating locally as much as I possibly can. I’m going to find a farmers market that I can find most of what I need, my cheese and dairy needs, my jam needs, produce needs and pre-made but locally made foods (like the gorgeous pizzas at our market). I mostly shop at the London’s Western Fair Market which has all of this and more, but now that the spring is here and more produce and outdoor markets are beginning to pop up and I’m going to be as happy as can be to try every single new market that pops up in our area.

I’m proud to eat in season, I’m proud to support local food, and I’m proud to eat local!

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May Grocery Haul

I look forward to the beginning of a new month like a little kid looks forward to Christmas morning, the start of a month holds a special event that for most people are on the list of mundane tasks but are filled with excitement for me…grocery shopping. Ask me my favorite place to shop and I will tell you the name of a grocery store, not a clothing store (a close second would be a bookstore.) I wrote before how I prefer to do a big grocery haul at the beginning of the month for the basics I will need through out the month (ex. meat, tofu, grains, sauces, cereals and Lily’s snacks) I also use this time to find new products in store and this month I decided to try a different grocery store then I normally go to seeing as it had great sales going on and I found some amazing new products (some new, and some just new to me) that I can not wait to try.

My first goal was to find a non-dairy milk to add to my breakfast smoothies, I was going to get my regular almond milk or try to find some quinoa milk I recently saw some other bloggers finding but then I came across a new milk I never even knew they made, flax milk! I plan on doing more research on flax but from what I’ve read so far it’s going to be a great nutrition boost for my smoothies. While I was looking for non-dairy milk I gazed over all of the box containers and came across a coconut water and mango juice and puree blend that looked refreshing. I love coconut milk and have actually not tried coconut water yet but I’m sure I will love it just as much. Mangoes are some of my favorite fruits (along with strawberries and peaches) so it can not be a better combo for me to try. 2015 spring

With all of the appointments I’ve had the past few weeks I sadly have been ignoring proper eating habits. Most days I am out of the house from eleven in the morning to about four in the afternoon and I don’t remember to eat lunch. I still have appointments this month so I want to make sure I have atleast something to snack on while I’m out. I decided to get some health bars. I have had some flavors of Clif Bars before (I actually got a few in my Christmas stocking instead of chocolate I love them that much!) but I’ve never been able to find the white chocolate macadamia nut flavor before…guess what I found though!? I’m so excited to try it. I also picked up a KIND  nuts and spices bar that looks like it has plenty of nuts to give me energy when I get to eat it. 2015 spring 108

I’m planning on trying to craft a recipe for vegetarian stuffed peppers this month so I was trying to decide between barley as my grain or quinoa and I cam across a 5 grain blend, it has spelt, barley, wheat berries and oats which will give the stuffed peppers massive nutrition content. 2015 spring 111

As much as I love to make a home cooked meal, I am a busy mom so there will be a need sometime this month for a quick dinner. I found an appetizing frozen pizza filled to the brim with vegtables and an added bonus of goats cheese, and spinach; I will bet on Lily loving this pizza. I also picked up some soups I have yet to try, and would like to taste and then re-create at home.2015 spring 139 I picked up some new foods to try for Lily, rice cakes in pumpkin and blueberry beat flavors, Gerber cereal twists that are banana and peach flavored, fruit leather snacks and her favorite dehydrated pears. I also finished with some POM juice (do you now I have never had pomegranate before?) and I found a small block of Havarti cheese that has dill throughout the cheese. 2015 spring 1402015 spring 138

“When you go shopping treat your cart like its your stomach. You only want to fill it with the best.”