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I was lucky to have a more relaxed past week, I’ve been on the go lately with at the very least two important appointments a week and this week I only had one which was quickly made when I started having pain in my tooth, I was lucky enough to get an emergency dental appointment were I found out that because I have such a deep filling in one of my teeth it’s brushing up against my nerve and causing my pain. The outcome is that tomorrow I have to go in and get a root canal, it’s marvelous though that I have the coverage because the only other option is to fully remove the tooth and I would like to keep all of my teeth for as long as possible.

Since I had such a relaxed week I was able to laze around the house while Lily was off playing by herself or during her nap time and read. I began the week half way through one book, and continued my leisurely reading until I had finished two other books and have currently gotten through half of the book I am currently reading. I tend to be a fast reader so it doesn’t always take me long to read, but it’s marvelous to give myself the time to sit down and read once in awhile. 2015 spring 212

I treated myself with tea plenty this week, using chamomile tea to ease me into sleep, orange pekoe to share with my parents, and an amazing strawberry rhubarb parfait tea that I let cool after steeping and drank as a simple ice tea, of course I wanted to treat myself a little more so I decided to drink from a fancy teacup and saucer, which made my mood peak so that was marvelous also! wpid-20150516_132119.jpg

Free samples are marvelous are they not? months ago when I was searching out multiple diets to find information out about weight loss (I would simply like to mention I’m not actually on a diet, I’m just trying to eat as clean as I possibly can and I simply wanted to get the information) I found that there was a starter pack for Atkins that included free samples of some of there bars. I wanted the information so I sent out for the package and trying out new bars would be an added bonus seeing as I like to keep bars in my purse for those hunger pains that come when I’m out. I finally received my package and the bars have some exciting flavors that I can not wait to try. 2015 spring 210

Marvelous is testing out new recipe ideas in the kitchen and not only succeding, but having the cutest kitchen helper! While I tried to make a healthier version of doughnuts Lily stood on a chair and played with the measuring cups and spoons, I even put on a child’s apron that my mother sewed just for me when I was little girl. wpid-20150512_180734.jpg

Marvelous is in the little things that happen throughout the days that pass, being treated to an ice cap by your mother, who also surprises you with a strawberry shortcake muffin that tastes divine. It’s cuddles with my daughter, it’s also when she has a long nap when I need to get finish paperwork, it’s trying new things in the kitchen and finding your favorite author’s instagram.mimm1

Thank you so much Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for creating the blog link up Marvelous In My Mondays, it’s really helped me look for all the little things in my day to day life that create joy.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” – Amelia Barr

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#MIMM Mothers Day Special

I like to use Marvelous In My Monday (a blog link up created by Katie) as a way to not only recap my weekend but as a way to add in all the little marvelous things that happen throughout the week that I am not able to make into a blog post. This post will be filled with Motherly Marvelous moments (and one not so motherly but simply marvelous moment) let get started! mimm1

It is marvelous to realize you have a beautiful daughter old enough to need a hair trim. Lily was a marvelous little girl when she got her bangs trimmed and a few pieces of hair in the back, she sat happily and just wanted to watch the scissors, near the end she wanted to be picked up by Maria (My hairdresser that I have had since I was a young child) so we finished. Before Lily had her haircut I was able to finally get my own hair cut and styled. Is it not marvelous to have a refreshing cut to your hair? I went from long hair that barely fit into a messy bun there was so much, to a cut that I’m unable to even put into a full ponytail, and I love it! 2015 spring 173 2015 spring 175

Marvelous is spending nap time as yoga practice time. I was able to find a daily yoga class on my television schedule and it’s marvelous to be able to record the classes that are originally on T.V. at 5:30 in the morning. I ended up also trying to do yoga while Lily was awake, it was marvelous watching her copy me, but she was a yoga mat hog! wpid-img_20150509_152030.jpgThis Saturday was the marvelous day that I was able to finally pick up my very own cell phone! I have not been able to have my own phone for almost three years and boy have the features changed. It’s marvelous to be able to finally have Instagram again (If you wish to follow me I am @lisajmerriam) and being able to edit and share beautiful photos and see others photos is a marvelous feeling of connection. Also marvelous is being able to quickly connect to friends that do not use internet as much also through texting. wpid-img_20150509_130233.jpgThis past Sunday was my second mothers day and I am so proud to be the mother of a Marvelous daughter who is filled with joy, curiosity, intelligence, and is such a free-spirit. I am proud to be able to practice co-sleeping where I am able to have a marvelous morning by waking up next to such an amazing daughter.

2015 spring 160It was marvelous of my amazing sister to gift me beautiful flowers from the market. I can not wait until next year when my sister is able to participate in marvelous Mothers Day seeing as her child will be born in a few months.wpid-20150510_150306.jpgMarvelous is so many things, it’s seeing Lily in a new dress, curling up and reading a good book, spending the day with my mother and daughter, baking salted caramel brownies for my mother, listening to music that may be old but always gives makes you smile, it’s finding health and wellness magazines at a thrift store for only 40 cents and spending the day cuddling my daughter on the couch watching movies.

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”


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My First #MIMM Post

This past week and a half has been hectic to say the least. From getting in the car with my mother and taking a half hour drive to my old apartment, only to get out and not only keep Lily safely out of the way but packing up the past two years of my life in boxes. The busy week continued with doctors appointments, therapy sessions and tying up loose ends (ie. finally getting an Ontario ID card) Let’s just say many cups of coffee were needed in the making of the week.

With such stressful and taxing days behind me (for the moment) I need some positives to look towards, and I need to be aware of the Marvelous things that surround my life. Due to this need to find the simple pleasures in my life I have decided to participate in Marvelous In My Mondays, a blog link up created by Katiemimm1

Marvelous Is treating myself to new books, and not letting the guilt take over. It’s accepting that sometimes I want a specific book that would be highly unlikely to be found at a used bookstore. It’s marvelous to be able to find the exact books that you wish to buy, and even getting the last edition of one of these books. It’s also marvelous to treat myself to my favorite magazine. 2015 spring 089

Is it not marvelous to treat yourself to a nail painting session that reminds you of the beautiful colors of spring? I rarely paint my nails but whenever I do I feel pretty, sophisticated and have a bit of a lift in my self esteem. Is not also marvelous to finally find old bracelets that remind you of marvelous past events? (one from a trip to Grand Ben, another from a recovery friend, and one given to me from a Christmas Stocking.)2015 spring 106

Marvelous is taking a trip to Farm Boy, one of my new favorite grocery stores. It’s listening to my body and cravings and allowing myself to purchase a grilled chicken caesar wrap versus only eating the healthy products from the salad bar.It’s also marvelous to ignore my anxiety and peruse the store and pay on my own without the safety net of another person.2015 spring 093

It’s making a recipe using my daughters favorite ingredient; peanut butter. What is more marvelous is watching my daughter dip her fingers into the peanut butter jar and lick it off her fingers, it’s watching her simply have fun with her favorite food and not thinking of the mess she is making. It’s my heart about to explode with the feelings of love I have towards the most free-spirited, curious, and happy girl that I am able to call myself mother to.


All of the beautiful flowers that are blooming recently are beyond marvelous. Catching sight of recently bloomed flowers right outside the door of your Doctors appointment is also marvelous. It’s also being able to take the perfect photo of the flowers after finding out that your new camera didn’t crash like you thought it had.

2015 spring 102 2015 spring 100

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault