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Only A Few Changes At A Time

Here is a surprise for all of you (I can tell you it was quite the surprise for me also!) I lost a total of ten pounds in the month of April. I can not begin to tell you how shocked I was when I finally came back from moving all of my things from my old apartment on the second last day of April, unpacked my scale that I had not used since moving out the last week of March and looked down to see I was ten pounds lighter.

It was not the simple fact that I lost weight that shocked me, what shocked me was that I had not gone diet crazy and I didn’t exercise like mad to loose this weight which is what I use to do when I had such self destructive behaviors that dealt with my weight; I only changed a few slight things this past month

  • Snacking – I never really did eat anything other then a small lunch and dinner before which after researching I found out slows down one’s metabolism so adding snacks to my diet will not only speed up my metabolism if I made healthier choices for my snacks it could help boost my energy instead of drinking so much coffee. I found the best snacks are fruits, a piece of cheese and some lean chicken slices for protein.
  • Eating at an appropriate time – I would always eat dinner after Lily went to bed at night, and I have been doing this since Lily was 3 months old, which would end up being only a two hours before I myself would crawl into bed leaving not much time for my body to properly digest my food and because I was already so exhausted by the time Lily went to bed I did not always choose the healthiest foods to eat, just the quickest to prepare. Once I switched to eating dinner around 6pm I still have energy to cook a healthy meal and enjoy it.
  • Cutting out pop – I tried to cut out pop altogether this past month but that goal did not last long. I did cut down a massive amount though and I have begun to drink more water and tea rather then just coffee and soda like I would usually.
  • Adding more water –  Like I said above I would only drink soda or coffee the entire day, I would only rarely drink a glass of juice and I only recently returned to my obsession with tea. I began only bringing a water bottle when I went out so that I would not be tempted to purchase pop while out which worked. I have had some difficulty with water once I am home but I’m slowly adding more water to my drinks to water them down.
  • Exercise – Any exercise is good exercise I once heard. I’m not doing anything like weightlifting or running but I began to go on more walks, and even quite a few hour long walks. It gets your muscles moving, it releases enough endorphin’s to boost your mood and it does not always have to be much every single day.

I believe what helped with the goals I set for myself to become healthier was that I didn’t bombard myself with too much, if I had I might have easily given up. It’s like when people set outlandish New Years resolutions they tell themselves “I’m going to loose 50 pounds this year” or they extend themselves to much to prepare for a big marathon at the beginning of the year while the marathon is near the end of the year and they wear themselves out before it comes time; if you put to much on yourself you can feel overwhelmed with to much work that has to be done and stressed by the timeline you have given yourself.

9b16f45bc2cc97c25b9e6128205bb61dIt worked because I didn’t try to do to much at once, I was able to put my concentration and energy into the things that were most important to change in the beginning. If I didn’t try to break the habit of not eating snacks or only eating unhealthy snacks I would not have enough energy to reach my goals of spending time outside running around with my daughter, I won’t have energy to do yoga, heck I wont have enough energy to get through the day. If I didn’t start eating dinner at a better time I would not have been able to make recipes that are to be posted to the blog soon, which would have made my goal of what I wish my blog to become not come true. Without trying to take more walks on a day to day basis I would not have as much stamina once I get to a place that I can try to achieve my fitness goals, letting go of the daily can of Root Beer I would not have started to drink almond milk, real fruit juices and I would have been stuck in a rut of boring drinks instead of trying new things. Starting with only a small amount of goals – but goals that create a basis for my bigger goals allowed me to spend time on what matters most and kept me on track instead of filling my plate with breaking habits and making new ones that would drain all of my energy and leave me unmotivated to continue on.

These goals were not for weight-loss exclusively, these goals were for a healthier life, so that I have more energy, so I can feel proud of what I put into my body, and so that I can set a good example of eating habits for my daughter, That is what is important to remember; the reason you began, if that gets hidden behind all of your tasks then there is nothing left to remind you of a reason to go on. So don’t put to much on your plate sit down and decide what is most important and start with that, once you have reached those goals replace it with another on the list.

Fun Fact: It takes 45 days to learn a new habit, and another 45 days to have it ingrained into your life.